About me

Edit after 2.5 years: Istanbul sucks. I got married. Everything else still applies.

This blog of mine is written in Turkish most of the time €˜cause naturally that’s the easier way for me.

However, I don’t feel comfortable about introducing myself in my own language. It even sounds lame when I think about what to write. In fact, I’d like to write my €œAbout me€ in English.

Here it goes…

I was born and raised in İstanbul. Don’t plan on leaving this city any time soon (cause it’s awesome!).

I have recently become an engineer. I will be studying for a masters degree this following 2 years. I really don’t know how much longer I can be student but I’ll decide that later.

I am an individual who is in a passionate desire of raising the number of the countries I have traveled. This number is only 4 so far. There is a long list of countries, I won’t write it down here.

I am a movie nut. I watch trailers. I write critics. I do research about the movies that I liked. I quote lines from my favorite movies. I make movies (at least I try to). I watch award ceramonies and biographies of actors and actresses on tv. One more thing, I want to go to a film making course or school or something. Some day.

And every single plan I mention in this text, I hope to do all of those things with my beloved one who also happens to be my best friend (lucky me, right?) as he shares the same dreams I have. He likes cinema, food, traveling, kids, dogs, İstanbul as well and loves me as a bonus!

My favorite color is red.

My favorite food, i might say, most of the things that has chocolate or cheese in them.

My favorite is tea. I didn’t say drink because I prefer tea over any kind of food most of the time.

My favorite music is anything that sounds good.

My favorite books are too many to write here, but just to name a few, Pride and Prejudice, the Kite Runner, Cien aos de Soledad and I am not ashamed to say Harry Potter Series˜º

My favorite places in the world are movie theatres and airports. It doesn’t have to be me who travels though, i can just go there to pick up someone, just to breath that air.

Okay, about my movie taste…

My favorite movie genre is, believe it or not, musicals… Maybe that’s because I have been watching Grease since I was 3 years old, but musicals give me the chills, I just wanna be in them, live them and sing along.

My favorite movies are other than Hair, Chicago, Wizard of Oz, Grease etc. I also love Gone with the Wind, Kill Bill 1-2, all Tim Burton movies, Lord of the Rings I-II-III (there are so many more, can’t think of them right now)

My favorite parts of the movies are their trailers and their beginnings. I hate missing the beginning of a movie.